Me vs. Life

Have you ever noticed that when things go wrong, you have this amazing ability to blame it on God, Life, or whatever other name you want to put, and when things are going your way that’s you, all by yourself? 

I have this feeling growing inside of me, that nothing actually matters. Life is playing to experience Life, and no matter what me beliefs are, it isn’t going to stop to play just for me.

I consider myself has a spiritual person, meaning incarnate love in matter, and as everyone else my ego comes up to fool around here and now. And I did notice that it comes up when I’m about to experience something that my heart was been longing for. Let’s be honest, trusting your heart, your inner gut, when you have your mind running crazy like a rat lab, isn’t that easy. So how do you get out of it? 

Nothing actually matters. And I’m not saying that in a disgraceful manner, just saying that whatever is happening, it is happening, you can not do anything about it… well Yes there one thing you can do about it, Let it BE…

We are always blaming and fighting inside ourselves, that’s part of the game, it’s the dual experience on planet Earth, but event if this is going on, you can also take the higher position, the one that is actually living this duality and simply see how amazing things turn out, when you let go, and let Life play with you.
For that, you need to learn to trust Life, and it isn’t easy to trust Life. 

Because Life may certainly be great but it isn’t easy, and it’s not suppose to be. Life is a great force that only wants one thing, to grow, to experience, to have feedback on how loving it can be, on how loving we can be.